Kangen Water Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizers

Enagic is the ionizer brand that makes Kangen Water Ionizers. What are their water ionizers like? Worth parting with your money for? Let’s take a closer look. Like everything you purchase, the first thing you notice about Kangen Water Ionizers is how they look. Now, a Kangen machine is functional, but they’re not going to […]

5 Hot Water Ionizer Trends

As we near the close of the year, it’s interesting to review what has emerged as the hottest water ionizer trends of the last 12 months. 1. The Big Clean Up No surprises here: the more America’s municipal water standards fall into sharp decline, the more people need a solution to ensure that their family […]

Best Black Friday Water Ionizer Sales

Black Friday 2020 promises to be BIG. And if you’ve been thinking about eating and drinking more healthily – maybe with a view to supporting your immune system in the colder weather – then buying a discounted water ionizer might be just the ticket! A water ionizer cleans up your tap water, removes harmful contaminants, […]

Why Tyent Water Ionizers are Our #1 Pick

Why are Tyent water ionizers our #1 pick? As the water ionizer field becomes more crowded, it’s important to be able to distinguish the companies that deserve your money from the ones that don’t. Tyent USA is a company that we’ve observed closely over the years, and it’s gratifying that their history of cutting-edge technology, […]

Learn How a Water Ionizer Works

There has been a buzz around water ionizers for years now and millions of people are enjoying the benefits of owning one at home. But for anyone who hasn’t discovered quite how fabulous these sleek, impressive machines are yet, what exactly is a water ionizer and what does it do? Demystifying Water Ionizers! So here […]