Learn How a Water Ionizer Works

There has been a buzz around water ionizers for years now and millions of people are enjoying the benefits of owning one at home.

But for anyone who hasn’t discovered quite how fabulous these sleek, impressive machines are yet, what exactly is a water ionizer and what does it do?

Demystifying Water Ionizers!

So here we go. First off, a water ionizer is plumbed into your regular water supply. Water flows into the ionizer unit, where it is meticulously filtered (although this is an area where some water ionizers greatly outperform others).

Filtration Facts

The filtered, clean water then flows through the electrolysis chamber and over highly charged plates – the ionization process itself. As it does so, the water picks up both positive and negative electrical charges and ‘splits’ into two types – acidic and alkaline water. The better machines offer a range of settings within those categories.

Streaming Services

Depending on your water ionizer, the water then passes through a fine membrane before being streamed out of the machine and into your glass. It’s a complex operation, but it takes only seconds.

Again, some machines are more powerful than others, and dispense ionized, alkaline water almost immediately – others operate at a more sedate pace.

So Which Water Ionizer Does All of This Best?

There are several water ionizer machines that do pretty well in terms of power, filtration, and looks (this matters, it’s going to be in your kitchen for a long time).

After testing all of the top water ionizer brands on the market, only one company outperforms the rest in each category – Tyent Water Ionizers.

Here’s why: They’re super-powerful, compared to the majority of other water ionizers. Their ACE-13 model, for example, has 13 Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates constructed from titanium and platinum giving some seriously impressive performance points. 

Crucially, Tyent’s filtration systems are second to none, taking out more of the toxic stuff from your source water than virtually anything else on the market.

In addition, after searching high and low and even interviewing ionizer companies, there is no other company that beats Tyent’s Lifetime warranty. They’re seriously the only water ionizer company that cover both parts and labor.

Tyent: Ahead of the Field in 2020

Industry leaders for a whole bunch of excellent reasons, Tyent Water Ionizers retain their crown in 2020.

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