5 Hot Water Ionizer Trends

As we near the close of the year, it’s interesting to review what has emerged as the hottest water ionizer trends of the last 12 months.

1. The Big Clean Up

No surprises here: the more America’s municipal water standards fall into sharp decline, the more people need a solution to ensure that their family is drinking safe, clean water. Water ionizers provide the reassurance that people want, without the need for adding to the disposable plastics crisis.

2. Minerals and Antioxidants

Maybe it’s a side-effect of COVID19, but we’re all becoming pretty switched on to the countless essential jobs that our bodies carry out every minute of every day in order to keep us healthy. To help our bodies do all of those jobs, we have to feed and water them right! Ionized water contains bioavailable minerals and antioxidants to help support good health. Ionized water tastes amazing on its own, but it also makes the perfect base for herbal/green tea, smoothies and infusions, all of which remain on the ascent in terms of consumer take-up.

3. Multi-Tasking and Hardworking

Appliance multitasking is a growing trend. People want their domestic machines to do more than one thing. The best water ionizers do way more than just hydrate you. Acidic water – the kind that you don’t want to drink – produced in a separate stream by premium water ionizers, can be used as eco-friendly household cleaner, hair tonic and a pH balancing facial spritz!

4. Green, Planet-Friendly Choices

We touched on this above, but every day, more people are finally switching on to taking responsibility for their eco-choices. Easy ways of being greener include reusing plastic bags, reducing food waste and saying no to endless numbers of disposable plastic bottles, and ‘hello’ to a water ionizer instead!

5. Style Profile – The Sleeker the Better

Our tastes have changed since water ionizers first grabbed our attention. Although some companies still sell the blockier type of ionizer machine, with white-plastic casing and old-school LCD displays, most of us want something a bit more contemporary and aspirational in our kitchens.

Some of the leading water ionizer companies have nailed the leaner, chic styling that customers now demand. Smartphone touchscreens and next-generation technology provide an impressively sleek exterior for powerful performance. It’s a potent combination.

Inside the Water Ionizer Industry

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