Jupiter Melody

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DARC cleaning system

Alkaline mineral port

On-board flow control


Individual presets not adjustable

pH level indicators can be difficult to see

No available cleaning cartridge

Bottom Line

The Jupiter Melody from IonWays " does not offer the cutting edge technology" but is a proven choice in the "entry-level category" according to the parent company.  And we agree.  This is a basic 5-plate water ionizer capable of producing respectable levels of alkaline and acidic ionized water in many source water areas but it lacks many advanced features and optimal ionization potential.

The Melody, also sold as the Isis, uses 5 flat electrodes and operates at a maximum of 80 watts of power.  It is a relatively compact counter top water ionizer with a single internal filter for contaminant removal.  With 4 alkaline, 4 acidic and one neutral preset it seems to cover all of the basics.  An on-board mineral port gives users the option to add coral calcium to boost performance to produce stronger alkaline water.  Stronger alkaline water is useful for removing dirt and pesticides from produce or removing dirt and stains from carpet and fabrics.

As with other Jupiter/IonWays models we tested we noticed that the amount of waste water produced was higher than that produce by other models.  This is likely due to a configuration in the electrolysis chamber that let's the unit produce respectable levels of alkaline and acidic ionized water using fewer and smaller plates with considerably less wattage.  In the long run it's a trade off - saving energy using less power but wasting more water.

For convenience the Melody/Isis offers an on-board flow control knob on the front of the unit.  This lets you control the flow rate of the unit - another way to produce stronger pH levels.  It also means that the unit can be plumbed directly the the cold water line, freeing your faucet of the standard faucet diverter and hose.  The unit will still sit on your counter top but rather than connect to the faucet you'll run the water supply line up from below the sink to connect directly to the unit.

If you're willing to spend an additional $200 there is an under sink conversion kit for this unit.  This kit allows you to mount the unit under the sink and dispense water through a dual-spout faucet mounted on the side of your sink.  Starting or stopping water production is done right on the faucet however you will need to access the front panel of the unit to change your pH level selection.  If you make a selection that is not considered safe for drinking you want to make sure you switch the unit back to a safe drinking setting before walking away.  Jupiter/IonWays products do not have a "safe default" feature.  The unit will always default back to the last setting used.

We were a little disappointed with the audio and visual alerts on the Melody/Isis water ionizer.  There is a "Melody" tone that sounds when the unit is in operation and the screen displays blue when alkaline water is being produced, red for acidic production and green for neutral.  What we found missing was any "at a glance" indication of the exact level of alkaline or acidic water being produced.   As we searched for some indication of the exact pH level of water being produced we finally saw a curve of small lights that corresponded with each level of water the machine produces.  In a well lit room these little lights can be difficult to see but we were happy to find that there was some sort of indicator for users to know exactly which pH level was being produced.

As for advanced features, the Melody does have IonWays signature "DARC" cleaning system which reverses the plates at each use to prevent long-term scale buildup.  Being proponents of the benefits of available cleaning cartridges we were disappointed that there were no cleaning cartridges or manual cleaning protocols.  However should you have issues with performance your Melody unit is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The company will make any necessary repairs or replacements at no charge for the first 5 years.  After that the company will replace the parts at no charge with the customer paying only labor and shipping costs.

It's a good basic budget water ionizer.  No frills but good performance for the price.  If you're willing to pay a little more you can get more "bang for your buck" with another model like the Alkalux but still, overall the Melody/Isis water ionizer from IonWays will give you the basics you expect from a water ionizer.

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Specification Detail
Number of Plates 5
Plate Design Flat
Wattage 80 watts
Power System Transformer
Presets 4 alkaline, 4 acidic, 1 neutral
Cleaning Cartridge Not available
Advanced Features DARC Cleaning system
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty: parts and labor covered for first five years; parts covered for as long as you own the unit with customer paying labor and shipping charges
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