Why Tyent Water Ionizers are Our #1 Pick

Why are Tyent water ionizers our #1 pick? As the water ionizer field becomes more crowded, it’s important to be able to distinguish the companies that deserve your money from the ones that don’t.

Tyent USA is a company that we’ve observed closely over the years, and it’s gratifying that their history of cutting-edge technology, superb quality, and focused customer care has seen them rise to the top of the industry.

There are several reasons why Tyent outperforms its nearest rivals – we’ve listed 5 that customers report again and again.

1. Water Ionizer Quality – Looks and Performance

Tyent water ionizers look impressive. Looks aren’t everything, but a water ionizer is – at least if you buy from this particular company – a lifetime investment, and you don’t want to invest in a machine that doesn’t look great in your kitchen. Tyent water ionizers are all about performance, but they sacrifice nothing in terms of their sleek, stylish looks. And the kids will love the Smartphone-style touchscreen action.

2. Filtration Technology

Many people buy a water ionizer to filter out contaminants from their source water. That means that a water ionizer has to do this part of its job really well, and Tyent comes second to no other company when it comes to filtration.

With Powerful Dual Filtration systems that have the same filtration capacity as hospital kidney dialysis machines, Tyent Water ionizer filters take out the dangerous toxins without removing vital minerals. It’s clever stuff, and Tyent is the best at it.

If you want delicious, pure, safe water, this is it.

3. Plate Power

Utilizing titanium and platinum-dipped, patented solid/mesh hybrid plates that are the largest and most powerful in the water ionizer industry, means that Tyent water ionizers knock spots off competitors when it comes to straightforward electrolysis power.

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction – For Life

This is huge! A decent water ionizer is good value for money, but they’re still an investment buy. Tyent Water Ionizers come with a Lifetime ‘Forever’ Guarantee – including parts and labor – so that you have a worry-free purchase. What we really like about the Lifetime Guarantee is the rock-solid confidence that Tyent has in its water ionizers in order to offer it.

5. Easy Front-Loading Filter Replacement

Even if your dexterity isn’t the best, you will have no problems snapping these filters into place. Filter replacement can be a hassle, but every aspect of Tyent’s intelligent water ionizer design is carefully thought through and nothing is left to chance.

Heard About Tyent’s Awesome Reputation? Find Out for Yourself!

There are a host of other good things about Tyent water ionizers, but this is impressive enough for starters! Another thumbs-up goes to their customer care team. Without exception, they are friendly, helpful and know their water ionizer stuff inside out.

Check out our Buyer’s Guide for more information.

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