Best Black Friday Water Ionizer Sales

Black Friday 2020 promises to be BIG. And if you’ve been thinking about eating and drinking more healthily – maybe with a view to supporting your immune system in the colder weather – then buying a discounted water ionizer might be just the ticket!

A water ionizer cleans up your tap water, removes harmful contaminants, and infuses it with therapeutic, natural molecular hydrogen. For anyone who wants to drink clean, safe water, and is repelled by the amount of plastic waste that the bottled water industry contributes to, it’s a brilliant alternative.

The Black Friday event is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the water ionizer of your dreams. So, where to start?

What Not to Buy

First off, be wary of ‘deals’ that are too good to be true. If you spot a water ionizer that is markedly cheaper than any other on the market, then walk on by. Cheap water ionizers – often imported from China – should be given a strong pass. The main reason for avoiding them is that they can contain deadly lead – ironically one of the main toxins that reputable water ionizers filter out.

Big Names, Bigger Discounts

Look out for the bigger names in water ionizers – the machines are built to a superior specification and the discounts are often generous. When choosing, look for:

  • How powerful is the machine – how many electrolysis plates does it feature?
  • What is the filtration like? The best machines are capable of removing poisonous toxins without stripping the water of vital minerals.
  • What kind of guarantee does the water ionizer come with? Some of the leading companies offer a Lifetime Guarantee, so seek this out.
  • Also look for fast flow rates, cool pre-sets and motion-activated flow features.
  • Finally, does the water ionizer look the part? You’re going to be seeing it every day. Search for sleek, chic looks and smartphone-style touchpads to enhance your kitchen.

Do Your Homework and Save BIG!

Go into the Black Friday sales with a clear idea of what you want and don’t settle for less. There are a lot of free gifts to be had this time of year too, so be sure to look. Do a little research beforehand and grab yourself the water ionizer bargain of a lifetime!

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