Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme

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9 hybrid mesh plates and 375 watts of power for optimal performance in most source water areas

.01 micron dual filtration system

Low profile touch screen control panel with one-touch operation

Cleaning cartridge available to maintain optimal performance

Lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor


Designed for placement to the left of sink - purchase of extended dispenser hose required for placement to the right of sink

Size - unit is very slim but 16.3" tall at the highest point


Bottom Line

This is one of our top pics in the counter top water ionizer category.  Plenty of plates and power for producing quality ionized alkaline or acidic water in most areas, lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor and a .01 micron filtration system.  Primary alkaline and acidic presets are all easily adjustable using the intuitive control panel.  Not only one of the most powerful counter top units available but also the most user-friendly.  Customers love the Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme.

Tyent's 9090 Turbo Extreme is one of our top picks in the counter top water ionizer category.  Large hybrid mesh plates and 375 watts of power make it a real performer in almost any source water.   The slim design and low profile control panel make it one of the most attractive counter top models available.   With the stainless steel front panel and choice of either black or white casing it will look good in even the most modern kitchens.

The ability to adjust the power used at each setting is a big plus in any water ionizer.  The 9090 Turbo Extreme's state of the art control panel offers full control over all of the primary alkaline and acidic presets.  We found the advanced settings mode to be very easy to learn and easy to use.  Customizing each preset only took a couple of seconds and the audio and visual guides took the guesswork out of where you were in the system.  Being able to adjust the power used at each preset means that the unit can be customized to perform optimally with your source water.  Being able to make those adjustments easily - priceless.

Tyent upgraded the dual filtration system was upgraded for the 9090 model to offer customers .01 micron filtration, capable of removing common bacteria as well as organic and inorganic compounds, chlorine and volatile organic compounds.  We had already noticed that Tyent products had the largest internal filtration system that we'd seen.  The addition of the .01micron filtration for bacteria and fine particulates just makes it more impressive.

Multiple presets give users options to produce ionized water at 4 alkaline and 3 acidic levels with an additional setting for producing pure filtered water for use when taking medications or for drinking at or near mealtimes.  Each level selection gives both audio and visual alerts so you know what level of water you are producing.  When using the acidic or TURBO settings the unit also has "chime" that sounds letting you know you're producing water that is unsafe for drinking.

Besides performance, one of our favorite things about the Tyent 9090 is the unit's ease of use.  Once water is supplied to the unit, producing water at the alkaline or acidic level you want is as easy as lightly touching an icon on the control panel.  Touching the same icon again stops production or you can touch a different preset icon to switch to another pH level without ever stopping the unit's operation.

The automated cleaning cycle runs at least once a day or more often depending on usage and the pH levels selected.  We believe that a cleaning cartridge option is a definite plus when it comes to long term performance, regardless of the type of frequency of a water ionizer's automated cleaning cycle.  Easy-to-use cleaning cartridges are available from Tyent for the 9090 Turbo Extreme model.

Tyent backs the 9090 Turbo Extreme counter top water ionizer with a lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor.

Definitely one of the best counter top water ionizers we've seen.  Great looks, great price, great performance and great warranty.

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