Evontis Elite

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The Select MLM water ionizer on the market

Fully adjustable presets

Stainless steel front panel

.01 micron dual internal filtration system


Advanced settings mode not as user-friendly as the unit's day-to-day operation

No color options - only available in white with stainless steel front panel


Bottom Line

Stands up to the competition in performance, surpasses other models in its price class when it comes to advanced features, design, filtration and warranty.

The Elite water ionizer from Evontis is the select MLM unit we found on the market.  Superior in almost every way to other 9-plate water ionizers the Evontis Elite is capable of producing the strongest levels of alkaline and acidic ionized water in almost any source water.

Advanced features include fully adjustable presets, timed automated shut-off to prevent overflow, automated flow control for optimal performance when using the Turbo mode and innovative access the the filter area for maintenance.

For day to day operation the Evontis Elite features three alkaline, two acidic, one neutral and one Turbo setting for producing just about any pH level you might need.  Your pH selection is confirmed by both audio and visual alerts.  When you make your selection, you will hear a voice alert confirming your selection.  The display screen will change colors based on your pH selection and provide you with a readout showing you the level you have selected, the flow rate, remaining filter life and amount of time the unit has been producing water.  Should you choose a level that is not considered safe for drinking you'll also hear an alert while water is being produced, reminding you that the water you are producing is not recommended for drinking.

The Evontis Elite has an automated cleaning cycle that runs at 12 hour intervals to prevent excess scale buildup on a daily basis.  For prevention of long term scale buildup, cleaning cartridges are available for use once or twice a year based on the mineral content of your source water.

When it comes to maintenance we found the Elite's innovate filter chamber design a huge advantage.  The entire front panel of the unit swings open for access to the filter area.  And we were surprised to find that the filters actually tipped out from the bottom making them easier to grip for replacement or to use the cleaning cartridge.  No moving the unit around, no fumbling around removing and replacing filter doors, no trying to work your fingers around in tight spaces to grip the filter to remove it.  Just swing the door open, tilt the filter towards you to replace it or use the cleaning cartridge.  Best design we've seen yet for ease of maintenance.

Contaminants are removed from your source water by the unit's dual internal filtration system.  The first filter removes common contaminants like chlorine, volatile organic compounds, detergents and agrichemicals found in most source water.  The second filter removes particulates and bacteria down to .01 microns while preconditioning the water for ionization.  The result is clean, great tasting water at the alkaline and neutral settings.

This is an attractive unit that you won't mind seeing on your counter top.  The unit's casing is white and the front panel is stainless steel giving it a sleek modern look that matches most modern stainless steel kitchen designs.  We would have liked to see an option in black but the color is a small trade off for this unit's performance.

Evontis backs the Elite water ionizer with a full lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor for as long as you own the unit.

We were impressed with the looks, performance and overall quality of the Evontis Elite.  It easily stands up to the stiffest competition in its price class in performance and surpasses most others in advanced features and convenience.  Definitely worth the price to become an "Elite" water ionizer owner.

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Specification Detail
Number of Plates 9
Plate Design Hybrid Mesh
Wattage 400
Power System SMPS
Presets 3 alkaline, 2 acidic, 1 neutra, 1 Turbo for producing strongest levels
Filtration System .01 Micron dual filtration
Cleaning Cartridge Available
Advanced Features Timed automated shut off to prevent overflow, fully adjustable presets, automated cleaning cycle, easy access maintenance area
Warranty Lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor
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