Do You Need Special Water Ionizer Filters if You Have Hard Water?

You know those white stains on your kitchen sink and utensils that are hard to remove? You try your best to clean them up, then after a few days, they come back.

That’s evidence that you have hard water at home.

In this post –

  1. What is Hard Water?
  2. Hard Water is Better for Water Ionizers
  3. Pre-Filter Systems: What You Need to Know
  4. Where to Find the Right Water Ionizer


Hard Water

A study done by the United States Geological Survey shows that hard water is found in 85% of the United States.

The source of hard water comes from your municipal water supply…and some manufacturers sell specialized filters that claim to remove excess mineral content from hard water.

hard water

Now you know where the white stuff comes from…

Some of the questions that people may have are:

  • Are these hard water filters necessary?
  • Is hard water even bad for you?

These are the questions we will answer below.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains high amounts of minerals, such as magnesium or calcium. Hard water isn’t exactly toxic to consume, but when there are too many minerals in your water, your pipes and drains may clog up.

Calcium can also leave stains on pots, pans, and other cooking utensils. The white stains you see on your kitchen or bathroom are minerals that are left after water has dried up.

Aside from leaving nasty white marks, minerals could also have a negative effect on your body. Consuming more than the daily recommended amounts of minerals such as magnesium can lead to some complications, like Eczema and diarrhea.

But, despite these negative effects, your body still needs minerals for the benefits that they can provide.

Excessive minerals may be bad for drinking water, but so is a lack of minerals. Water has a tendency to absorb minerals. Drinking soft or distilled water may seem beneficial but in reality, it could result in a mineral loss in your body.

The solution is not to stop consuming minerals completely – but to make sure that your daily mineral intake is within the daily recommended amounts.

Hard Water is Better for Water Ionizers

Having hard water makes it easier for water ionizers to filter your tap water that is then converted into alkaline water through the process of electrolysis.

A water ionizer requires minerals in tap water to carry the electrical charge. It’s better for you to have moderately hard to hard water rather than soft water to produce high-quality alkaline water.

The dual filtration systems used in some high-quality water ionizers also filter out bacteria, contaminants, and other harmful substances better than a single water ionizer filter can.

We recommend that you only purchase a machine that uses dual filters. You can read our water ionizer reviews to find out which machines use dual filters.

Pre-Filter Systems: What You Need to Know

Many filters that are used in water ionizers can sufficiently remove sediments and bacteria from your water But, for people who live in areas with hard water – these filters may not completely remove the harmful contaminants and bacteria.

To address the problem – some quality water ionizer companies sell pre-filter systems to people who live in hard water areas. These pre-filters are designed to prevent mineral scaling, which effectively reduces the mineral content in your water and can also prevent blockages in your water ionizer machine.

We love how some premium water ionizer companies like Tyent provide consumers with a filtration report that highlights which contaminants, bacteria, and toxins their superior filters can remove from your water and their percentages.

To find out which contaminants, bacteria, and toxins are hiding out in your water – we highly recommend that you request this FREE Water Report from Tyent.

Tyent’s water quality experts will even determine if your water ionizer needs pre-filter systems to effectively remove the dangerous contaminants and bacteria that are currently in your water supply.

Where to Find the Right Water Ionizer

If you live in an area with hard water – you’re going to need to use special pre-filters with your water ionizer to effectively remove the harmful contaminants and bacteria from your water.

To find the right machine for your home – we recommend that you read this very helpful Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide that will highlight:

water ionizer

Have you or someone you know been affected by living in an area with hard water? Comment below and share our article with someone who may be in need of clean drinking water!


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