7 Reasons to Replace Your Brita Filter with a Water Ionizer

Many people across the world use Brita filters in their homes to purify their drinking water. While having tap water filters at home are helpful, these families are missing out on a better alternative to healthy drinking water – a water ionizer.

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Brita filters may be more affordable than other water alternatives, but the additional health benefits and better filtering abilities that come with using a quality water ionizer more than justify any additional cost involved.

To shed light on why you should replace your Brita filter with a water ionizer, below are 7 reasons to consider.

7 Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Brita Filter with a Water Ionizer


1. Water Ionizers Provide Better Water Filtration

People buy Brita water filters so that they can have clean water to drink at home.

What many people may not realize is that most water ionizers also have built-in filtration systems that clean the water, while newer, quality water ionizers have built-in ceramic filters that are helpful at also removing lead, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants from the water to ensure that you have the cleanest, safest water at home.

Many water ionizers have single or dual filters that purify the tap water before ionization takes place, while Brita water systems only provide filtration with one small filter and nothing more.

Dual filters are the best choice for a water ionizer filter because dual filtration units will filter your water more efficiently and provide excellent nutrient benefits.

Water ionizers can also turn your water into alkaline water that contains a lot of health benefits that I will share with you below:

2. Water Ionizers Provide Alkaline Water Benefits

There are so many health benefits that alkaline water from a water ionizer can provide that you can’t get from purified water from a Brita filter.

Some of the benefits of alkaline water include:

  • Alkaline water helps with soothing heartburn symptoms
  • Alkaline water is full of antioxidants that your body needs
  • Alkaline water supports weight loss with a balanced diet
  • Alkaline water helps balance the pH levels in your body

It’s no question that alkaline water is better for you to consume than regular filtered water – and what better way to get alkaline water than from a water ionizer machine?

Switching to a water ionizer from a Brita filter is a sure and healthy upgrade for your home.

Clean water with health benefits? That’s awesome!

3. Water Ionizers Provide Better Hydration

Water ionizers produce alkaline water that hydrates your body better than purified water from a Brita filter.

In particular – alkaline water that contains molecular hydrogen (H2) helps replenish the electrolytes in your body and fight off lactic acid build up, restoring your muscle pH during workouts so that you don’t get exhausted as easily.

Hydrogen water is so effective at hydrating our bodies because molecular hydrogen penetrates and enriches the cells that are in our bodies, making H2 the most powerful antioxidant in the world!

4. Water Ionizers Come With a Better Warranty and Better Return Policy

Brita only offers a 30-day trial period for consumers to try their product out, which may not be enough time for some people to decide whether Brita is the right investment for their home or not.

Premium water ionizer brands offer a 75-day trial, leaving you with plenty of time to test if the water ionizer meets your family’s needs.

When you want to make sure that your investment will be worth it in the long run, you’ll want to pay attention to a product’s warranty.

Brita has you covered with a 1-year warranty, while premium water ionizers offer an unrivaled lifetime warranty!

You decide: do you want a product with a 1-year warranty or a lifetime warranty?

5. Water Ionizers Offer More Features and Options to Choose From

With Brita systems, you only have two options for a faucet filter system.

Water ionizers come in different shapes and sizes – while premium water ionizers come equipped with high-tech touchscreens that improve the user experience.

There are a lot of water ionizer machines for you to choose from. You can choose which water ionizer to buy based on features such as the number of plates, input technology, and whether you want an over-counter or under-counter water ionizer. How convenient!

When you switch from a Brita filter to using a water ionizer at home, you’ll have plenty of features and options to choose from to ensure that you’ll meet your family’s needs.

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When it comes to water ionizers – the options at hand are plentiful!

6. Water Ionizers Offer More Versatility

Water ionizers allow for various pH levels of water to be created and used for various household needs.

Alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 is good for drinking, while alkaline water with pH levels higher than 8.5 can also be used for household cleaning.

Alkaline water can be used to remove stains from carpets, clothing, and furniture. An alkaline water machine can also produce water with a neutral pH of 7 that can be used for creating baby formula.

Water ionizers provide flexibility for various needs throughout the house.

7. Water Ionizers Can Create Both Acidic Water and Alkaline Water For Various Uses

Every time a water ionizer produces alkaline water, it also creates acidic water that can be used for various purposes.

Ever since I convinced my neighbor Zoe to install a water ionizer in her home, she can’t help but appreciate all the health benefits of alkaline water. Although Zoe was a bit concerned about the acidic water that was produced by the water ionizer, I told her that acidic water can be used as a disinfectant to protect certain household items from bacterial growth.

I also told her that acidic water is also good to use when watering freshly cut flowers. Zoe’s flowers at home can now live longer and look fresher than ever before.

Another great use of acidic water is skin care.

Acidic water can be used as a skin toner, which she found to be helpful because she was looking for an effective skin toner solution. Zoe now stores acidic water from her water ionizer in a small spray bottle to use as a skin toner after taking a bath.

No matter how many Brita products you purchase, you will never get the health benefits and clever household hacks that you can get from using a water ionizer.

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Why not take the leap from a Brita filter to a water ionizer?

It’s time to do away with your Brita filter once and for all!

Having a water ionizer at home to create alkaline water is a good first step towards better health for you and your loved ones – so be sure to read our list of water ionizer reviews to help you get started.

We also recommend that you check out our FREE Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide that will provide you with great tips on what to look for when purchasing your first water ionizer.

Happy shopping and stay hydrated!

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