5 Shortcuts for the Perfect Water Ionizer Purchase

If you are trying to figure out a perfect gift that can help you improve your health, no matter the season – you should consider purchasing a water ionizer.

These machines are not as flashy as the latest cell phone or video game – but they can provide benefits that neither of those can offer for your long-term health.

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For your long-term health…water ionizers > video games

High-quality water ionizers can take your tap water and convert it into hydrogen-rich alkaline water that can help provide your body with health benefits such as:

With so many water ionizer brands out there on the market…how will you know which machine to choose, or what benefits and features you should even look for in a high-quality machine?

5 Perfect Water Ionizer Purchase Shortcuts Revealed

Some people may warn you to beware of shortcuts in life – but we beg to differ…especially when it comes to the buying process.

When you’re shopping around for a product – you may find that you dread the time-consuming process of doing your research and learning about the product in order to make an informed, sound decision.

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We all want to believe that we are making a perfect choice – and we believe that these 5 shortcuts make the PERFECT water ionizer purchase possible:

1. REFRAIN From Buying a Convertible Water Ionizer

There are some companies out there that will try to convince you that buying a convertible water ionizer is the way to go because these machines can be used under the counter (UTC) or on your countertop (OTC).

While these convertible machines seem like a great idea in theory – we caution you to REFRAIN from buying one of these units. Here’s why:

  • Convertible machines are problematic and are more likely to break down over time. UTC and OTC units are designed to have specific uses – so it’s simply unreasonable and unrealistic to think that one machine can function properly as both.
  • Convertible water ionizers mess up the proper pH level adjustment of your source water.
  • Convertible units were produced out of haste to quickly fill a market need. These machines are simply countertop ionizers with stopgap connections.

2. ONLY Consider Water Ionizers With a 75-Day Trial Period

Any reputable water ionizer company will let you try out their machines in the comfort of your home or office for a reasonable amount of time so that you can see and feel the benefits of alkaline water for yourself.

Most brands offer either a 30-day or 60-day trial period to their customers. This may seem generous to most people – but top brands take this even further by offering a consumer-friendly 75-day trial period.

We find it refreshing to learn that some companies are so confident in the durability and quality of their machines – that they will give you two and a half months to determine if you will be satisfied with their unit in the long run.

As consumers ourselves, we feel that 75 days is the right amount of time to make an informed decision on a water ionizer purchase. Brownie Points if the machine is also backed by a “no-strings” Lifetime Guarantee!

3. LOOK For a Water Ionizer With Superior Quality Filters

A water ionizer filter really is one of the most overlooked and under-considered components of any machine (electric or non-electric).

Think about it: if your alkaline water machine offers poor filtration of your source water…you’re likely left to drink dirty ionized water that can make you sick! Who wants that?

Not all machines are created equal…so this is what you should look for in a filtration system:

  • Cross this off your list: electric water ionizers with only one filter.
  • Add this to your list instead: Electric machines with a dual filtration system.
    • Dual filters can provide you with maximum nutrient benefits, and there are just too many dual filter units on the market today to even consider using an electric machine with a single filter.
  • Look for a water ionizer machine with large, ceramic filters that are effective against protozoa and bacteria and can provide better filtration of your water to ensure that you’re drinking the purest water possible.
  • If you’re considering a non-electric water ionizer…then look for a machine that combines 2 exclusive filters to block hundreds of harmful contaminants from your source water.

4. ONLY Consider Electric Water Ionizers With Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates

Plates are HANDS DOWN the most important feature to consider when purchasing an electric water ionizer.

In an electric water ionizer machine – you’ll want to pay attention to the quality and quantity of plates used to help you decide how effective the ionizer will be in converting your source water into alkaline water through electrolysis.

Non-electric units use multiple filters instead of plates, which we covered in the last shortcut.

Plates are manufactured in 3 styles: solid, mesh, and Solid/Mesh Hybrid:

  • Solid plates are tough and built to last – but they don’t work as well for electrolysis than the other plates because they use tons of power to generate only a minimal amount of electrolysis.
  • Mesh plates can generate higher pH and -ORP levels than solid plates – but mesh plates aren’t as durable, causing them to wear and tear faster.
  • Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates combine features of both solid and mesh plates to present an unbeatable combination of performance and durability that enables them to generate the highest pH and -ORP levels, compared to stand-alone solid and mesh plates.

We’ve spoken with almost every manufacturer to learn why they chose to use either solid or mesh plates in their water ionizers.

We’ve concluded that Solid/Mesh Hybrid plates are the best plates to choose because you will get to enjoy all the pros of both mesh and solid plates without the cons. Talk about the best of both worlds!

4 Benefits of Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates in Water Ionizers

  • Have been dipped multiple times in platinum.
  • Utilize the ENTIRE plate surface area to offer the best electrolysis distribution and maximum benefits.
  • Are scientifically engineered to turn your source water into alkaline hydrogen water.
  • Will last a lifetime!

5. LOOK For a Water Ionizer With the Highest Quality Certifications

Did you know that water ionizers are not manufactured in the USA?

In fact, many of these machines are built in China or Taiwan. However, these countries have low-quality control standards, so you should be extra cautious when considering their machines.

When shopping around for a high-quality water ionizer – you should look for brands that are backed by international quality certifications that can ensure that their machines are safe to use and won’t break down easily.

You must look for this specific list of international quality certifications to ensure that your water ionizer can reliably and safely produce alkaline water without causing harm to users:


Grab Our FREE Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide

By leveraging these 5 shortcuts during the buying process – you can avoid the potential frustration of having a water ionizer that isn’t producing the high-quality ionized alkaline water that you and your family deserve.

In addition to our shortcuts…we invite you to read our new buyer’s guide that will help guide you towards buying the right water ionizer for your family to enjoy the best alkaline water benefits for years to come.

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Upon purchase and arrival of your machine – this How-to Clean and Maintain a Water Ionizer guide will be the ultimate resource in your back pocket. We suggest that you bookmark it now before you forget!

Are there any shortcuts that you think we missed highlighting in this article?

Drop us a line below, and we’ll consider adding your suggestion to this post!


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