Learn How to Save Money With a Water Ionizer

The thing that many people don’t know about water ionizer machines is that they can save you money. We’re not talking about a few dollars either. One of the lesser-known benefits of owning a water ionizer is that it never stops saving you money, from Day One.

The Problem With Tap and Bottled Water – and How to Save $$$

You haven’t been living under a rock, so you know that there are serious, scary problems with America’s water. A rising number of people avoid drinking tap water altogether, choosing bottled water instead.

But bottled water = disposable plastic and contributing to a global catastrophe. It’s also expensive. Think about it: a family of four each drinking the recommended 8 glasses (64 ounces) of water per day gets through 5.3 12-ounce bottles of water per day. Say each bottle of water costs around $0.40. That’s $8.48 per day to keep the family hydrated. That’s an annual cost of $3095.20.

I mean, really? Over $3000, every year?

The Beauty of Saving Money

That’s not all. A water ionizer can replace costly products in both the cleaning cupboard and the bathroom cabinet. A water ionizer produces alkaline hydrogen water, and acidic water, in separate streams. While you shouldn’t drink the acidic water, it can be used as a cleaning spray, a final rinse after hair washing (looking for awesome, deep glossy shine? You’ve just found it), and mouth wash.

Acidic water shares the same pH as healthy skin, which makes it perfect to use as a toner to wipe or pat onto your skin, to create the ideal base for moisturizer/night cream. Even better? It’s virtually cost-free and completely natural.

Track Down The Best Water Ionizer Discounts

Water ionizers aren’t the cheapest purchase you’ll make all year, but with savings like these, they sure don’t take long to pay for themselves. There are other great sites with a lot of water ionizer comparisons too, so be sure to check out and for reliable reviews of the top water ionizers on the market, and the hottest deals across the industry.

Are you surprised at how a water ionizer can save so much money, as well as supporting good health and hydration? Can you think of other ways that a water ionizer can actually help to boost the family budget? Please share them!

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