Hydrogen Water: How Much Hydrogen is Enough?

Remember when your elementary school teacher explained that a water molecule has two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom that are bonded together to form H2O?

What your teacher may not have told you is that there are four types of hydrogen in the world. In fact, there’s ONLY ONE type of hydrogen that you can drink to benefit your long-term health.

The thought of drinking hydrogen sounds cool, doesn’t it? We think so too…especially since you can find this one type of hydrogen in alkaline water that’s made from a quality water ionizer.

Here’s what you can expect to learn about hydrogen water below:

  1. The Secret Behind the Therapeutic Health Benefits of Alkaline Water
  2. How Much Hydrogen is Enough in Hydrogen Water?
  3. Top Water Ionizers That Produce Hydrogen Water
  4. How to Make Hydrogen Water for Drinking


Hydrogen Water to the Rescue!

What Does Hydrogen Water Do?

The Secret Behind the Therapeutic Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

Molecular hydrogen (H2) is the ONLY hydrogen that you can drink to improve your health in the long term. H2 is also the only type of hydrogen that you’ll find in ionized alkaline water.

For years, researchers have proven through over 500 published studies that drinking ionized alkaline hydrogen water is great for obtaining therapeutic health benefits.

Hydrogen-rich alkaline water that’s made with a high-quality water ionizer is chock-full of essential alkaline minerals and antioxidants that can:

These are just some of the great ionized hydrogen-rich alkaline water benefits that you can receive.

And, how could we almost forget to mention one of our absolute favorite benefits: hydrogen water can help you function better too, especially in sports and exercise!

A study done on cyclists who were given hydrogen-rich alkaline water proved the water’s benefits on prolonged intermittent exercise. The cyclists who were randomly given hydrogen water to drink were able to maintain peak power and stamina levels, even after continuous sprints.

hydrogen water

Drinking hydrogen water from a top-quality water ionizer can make you run faster, for longer

How Much Hydrogen is Enough in Hydrogen Water?

Although hydrogen water that’s made by quality water ionizers may contain molecular hydrogen – how much hydrogen concentration is enough?

Studies done on molecular hydrogen indicate that a hydrogen gas concentration of 0.5 – 1.6 parts per million can be therapeutic for human consumption.

Make sure that you do not settle for anything less than this level! Ask your water ionizer manufacturer today about the hydrogen gas concentration levels that can be found in their ionized hydrogen water.

Top Water Ionizers That Produce Hydrogen Water

You may find that many brands of alkaline water ionizers out there claim that their machines can produce quality, therapeutic hydrogen water.

But, which of these water ionizers can produce the recommended hydrogen gas concentration levels?

Here are the top water ionizers that produce hydrogen-rich alkaline water containing the right amount of molecular hydrogen:

  • Tyent 11-Series (ACE-11 and UCE-11): named our 2019 Editor’s Choice winner for being the best hydrogen water maker in the world
  • Tyent MMP-9090 Turbo Extreme: a quality hydrogen water generator
  • Hydrent: a good, affordable alkaline water machine that can make hydrogen-rich water

You can learn all about the benefits and features of each of these machines in this recent post Top Hydrogen Water Ionizers or by reading these water ionizer reviews!

How to Make Hydrogen Water for Drinking

To learn EVEN MORE about how exactly alkaline water and molecular hydrogen come together to form the BEST combo for your health…you’re going to want to pick up this FREE Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide ASAP.

water ionizer

The best way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen water is through a high-quality water ionizer machine, period!

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