Avoid These Bogus Water Ionizer Marketing Tactics

As much as we’re happy to see that the water ionizer industry keeps on growing more and more into the public spotlight, we’re sad to see that bogus marketing scams are continuously spreading around like wildfire.

Some industry “professionals” or “salespeople” have been coming up with false, deceitful marketing tactics to position and sell their water ionizers to unaware or misinformed consumers.

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Not being aware of these bogus marketing tactics and claims can cause you to throw a ton of money into the wind on the wrong water ionizer for the needs of your home.

You may also be left disappointed to find out that some of the “alkaline water benefits” that the company “promised” you could get from using their machines are not true at all.

But, there’s no need to worry about potentially being caught blindsided by these shady tactics and claims anymore!

We’re here to help you learn how to identify the bogus water ionizer marketing tactics to watch out for – so get your popcorn ready and keep reading below.

Bogus Water Ionizer Marketing Tactics to Look Out For

False Information

You should know which water ionizer brands can deliver on their promises of good machine performance and healthy alkaline water.

Some water ionizer companies try to mislead you by saying that “as technology advances, it gets smaller,” – which is intended to make it look like their 5, 7, or 9 plate electric machines have the same or comparable levels of quality and performance as electric water ionizers that have 11-13 plates.

This couldn’t be further from the truth…because we determined through rigorous testing that the 11-13 plate machines run “heads and shoulders above” the quality and performance of an alkaline water machine with 5, 7, or 9 plates by providing:

  • Far superior pH levels and -ORP potential through the machine’s electrolysis chamber
  • Much faster flow rates and cleaner water using a powerful dual water ionizer filter system
  • Higher quality conversion of tap water to acidic water (with most local water sources)
  • Stronger conversion of tap water to alkaline water (through the electrolysis process)

What’s worse is that these same misleading companies sell their electric units with 5, 7, or 9 plates at prices that are similar or higher than 11-13 plate electric water ionizers. Talk about a robbery!

Meanwhile, other companies will tell you that their “thicker” ionizer plates perform better than the plates that their competitors use in their electric water ionizers.

It is true that plates should reach an ideal thickness to be considered “durable”. However, the presence of thicker plates alone DOES NOT translate into better electrolysis distribution…you’ll also need to consider the length and width of the plate used in an electric water ionizer machine.

To find out what we deem as the ideal number of plates to look for in an electric machine, as well as the ideal plate length and width…

Check out our in-depth glimpse into water ionizer plates – where we also discuss the shocking truth behind electric machines that have 15 plates.

Unnecessary Component “Add-Ons”

Another bogus water ionizer marketing tactic that some companies use is they promote and offer component “add-ons” that tack onto the cost of the machine.

Some companies sell water ionizers that include UV lights that “can kill bacteria” in your source water.

  • While UV light does work in certain commercial machines, it’s completely FALSE that UV light works in residential water ionizers. The reason why it doesn’t work is that it can take 1 to 7 minutes for UV light to kill bacteria. Water passes through a water ionizer in a matter of seconds, rendering UV lighting as simply ineffective.
  • Using pre-filters and a dual set of ultra-filters will successfully remove the bacteria.

Another money-making gimmick that some companies pitch to consumers is Vitamin C filters that can “effectively remove chlorine” from your source water.

  • While Vitamin C powder can be found in certain residential machines – it’s completely FALSE that Vitamin C filters can remove chlorine from your water successfully for a reasonable amount of time. The reason why the filters are ineffective is that Vitamin C dissolves very quickly, ensuring that you’ll only get the benefits of Vitamin C for a short period of time after you install your new filter.
  • To obtain Vitamin C benefits – you’re better off sticking with a diet rich in Vitamin C.

As you can see…these component “add-ons” are completely unnecessary since they don’t enhance the capability or increase the benefits that you can gain from using the water ionizer.

Deceptive Claims

It’s unthinkable to find out that some water ionizer companies can even make outrageous claims about the benefits of alkaline water one can get from using their machines.

Some companies think that they can fool people into believing that running frequencies through water can miraculously add some alkaline water benefits to the body.

ZERO scientific evidence could be found that supports this claim, as we determined after digging around for some reputable research.

Ionized alkaline water already has plenty of health benefits that are backed by scientific research. In fact – there have been over 1,000 scientific studies published over the years that prove the long-term health benefits of drinking alkaline hydrogen water from a water ionizer machine.

There’s really NO NEED for people or companies to make up magical stories that aim to make ionized alkaline water sound better than it already is.

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Top Resources to Help You Avoid a Water Ionizer Scam

The best way to avoid getting fooled by any bogus marketing tactic is to learn more about the components of high-quality water ionizers, as well what the true health benefits of alkaline water are.

To avoid being scammed and deceived by some random company or salesperson – don’t wait another minute!

Inform yourself by reading through some of these top resources:

Our most popular resource, by far, is our NEW Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide that is chock-full of money-saving tips that will help you save time, alkaline water facts based on expert studies, and so much more.

Make sure to grab your FREE copy right now so that you can make the right purchase for your family’s health!

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If you or somebody you know has ever been the victim of a deceptive sales pitch or water ionizer scam while shopping around and speaking to multiple companies – please take the time to tell us about it in the comments below.

We just may share your horror story with the world to help someone else (just like you) avoid making a bogus water ionizer purchase they will never forget.

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