Tyent 11 Series Water Ionizers

mmp11We have exciting news for the New Year! After testing the newest ionizers on the market, we are pleased to announce our 2019 Editor’s Choice Winner.

The 2019 Editor’s Choice Award goes to the countertop ACE-11 water ionizer and the under-the-counter UCE-11 water ionizer. They are both a part of the 11 Series from Tyent USA! These machines beat every ionizer in their class. The 5 main reasons that Tyent is our top pick are…

  • Higher pH levels
  • Stronger -ORP levels
  • Increased flow rate
  • Electrolysis chamber redesign
  • Increased power

We couldn’t wait for testing day! It’s so exciting to get to try out all of the water ionizer machines. When we finally had all the newest water ionizer machines set up and ready to go, it was time to get down to business. The day finally arrived when we went into our lab and performed grueling tests on all the latest models from water ionizer companies including Kangen, Jupiter, Tyent USA, Chanson and Air Water Life. Most of the machines showed some improvements, but our results showed that these improvements were fairly insignificant at around 0 to 4%. The machines that crushed the competition were the 11 Series water ionizers from Tyent USA.

The Tyent 11 Series are the only residential water ionizers to offer something we have never seen before… a one-of-a-kind winning combination. A power increase coupled with the redesign of the electrolysis chamber gave us the best pH and -ORP levels we have ever tested. With these two factors combined, Tyent has found the perfect formula.

These machines are truly in a class of their own with regard to power. The TURBO function boosts power up to 10 amps, which makes it one of the most powerful residential water ionizers available on the market today. But don’t worry about these machines using too much power. They truly are eco-friendly machines, and the TURBO boost function only kicks on when you tell it to.

The redesign of the electrolysis chamber is another critical feature. The ACE-11 and UCE-11 have platinum-coated, titanium solid/mesh hybrid electrode plates, and the chambers were redesigned to increase flow through the main output while reducing the amount of wasted water. This results in up to 40% more flow through the main spout. We noticed the increased flow rate as soon as we turned the machines on.

The 10-amp SMPS power supply of the 11-plate water ionizers offers a 20% higher amperage than their 9-plate predecessor and an even higher percentage when compared to any of the other 9-plate water ionizer brands. This results in up to a 25% increase in both pH and -ORP performance over the 9-plate units.

As far as aesthetics, the ACE-11 and UCE-11 feature a really cool smartphone-inspired touchscreen design. The ACE-11 is smaller than the MMP-11 and has a center spout which makes it easy to position your machine on either side of your sink. All 3 machines in the 11-series feature easy programming and adjustability and voice alerts.


Here is a quick snapshot of the overall improvements we found in Tyent’s 11 Series Water Ionizers:

  • 20% stronger TURBO acidic levels
  • 20% stronger -ORP levels
  • 20% higher pH levels
  • 40% increased flow rate
  • 40% less wasted water
  • 75-day trial

There are a few tried and true features from Tyent worth mentioning too:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Lifetime warranty covering both parts and labor
  • Excellent filtration with a .01 micron dual filtration system

All the other machines we tested had only a 0% to 4% increase in the above categories. We have never seen water ionizers with such a large number of significant improvements. We feel that the MMP-11 from Tyent is an excellent machine, but the new ACE-11 water ionizer has completely blown us away! The UCE-11 continues to lead the pack as the best under-the-counter water ionizer machine.

Final Analysis: Tyent’s all-new 11-plate water ionizers stand alone as the most innovative and effective water ionizers we have ever seen. We are very impressed with the quality, design, and function of these machines. The 75-day trial, lifetime warranty and A+ BBB rating are also great features of this company as a whole. Tyent 11-plate machines will likely be the ones to beat for many years to come.