Common Uses for Ionized Water

A water ionizer is more than just a source of alkaline antioxidant water.

A good quality water ionizer capable of producing multiple levels of alkaline and acidic ionized water will have many uses in the kitchen and around the house.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the most common uses for ionized water at the different alkaline and acidic levels.  We’ll start with the basics of drinking ionized water and giving it to children and pets.

Drinking Ionized Water

For most, drinking ionized alkaline water at up to a 9.5 pH is the healthiest alternative to tap or bottled water, soft drinks and processed juices.

When it comes to small pets or children, you should only use the lower alkaline levels for drinking.  8.5 to 9.0 pH is recommended for both.   Remember, you should not drink alkaline water at or near mealtimes or with any type of medication.

For mealtimes, your water ionizer machine will have a neutral or purified setting.  Using this setting will produce clean, filtered water but no ionization has taken place.   Water produced in this setting will not interfere with digestion by neutralizing acids in the stomach necessary to break down foods nor will it interfere with the absorption rate of medications.

Ionized Water in the Kitchen

Using the strongest level of ionized alkaline water to rinse produce helps remove dirt and pesticides.   Place the produce in a bowl and fill it with strong alkaline water and let it soak for at least a minute.

While you’re filling your bowl with strong alkaline water, fill a separate container with the acidic water coming from the acid drain hose or spout.

“Swish” your produce around in the bowl for a few seconds before pouring off the strong alkaline water, then rinse with the strong acidic water you collected from the acidic drain hose.  This will not only clean your produce but the acidic water helps lock in flavor, eliminate any bacteria left behind and helps keep your produce fresh and flavorful.

Limp carrots, celery or other veggies?  Fill a container with strong acidic water, add your “limp” produce and put it in the refrigerator to soak for 30 minutes or so.  This can restore crispness and freshness.

Using strong alkaline water in soups, stews and marinades help draw the flavor from the ingredients.  In marinades and salad dressings, strong alkaline water not only helps draw flavors from the seasonings but also helps reduce separation of oils from vinegar, juices or other liquids used.

For perfect pasta use acidic ionized water.  The pasta will stay firm and will be less likely to get “sticky” or overcook.

First Aid Treatments

Acidic water at most levels can be used for several basic first aid treatments.

Stops bleeding of small scrapes and cuts quickly

Stops the pain of burns and helps prevent or reduce subsequent blistering

Stops the sting of insect bites and stings and can prevent extreme swelling, redness, and soreness from wasp stings.

Other Common Uses

Strong alkaline water is a safe, chemical-free way to lift stains from carpet and upholstery.  Spray the stained area and blot up the stain.  Repeat the spray and blot process until the stain is removed.  The water will evaporate naturally and won’t leave behind chemical residues that can be harmful to children or pets or attract more dirt.

Use strong alkaline water to spot treat stains on clothing.  Rinse the stained area well and allow the item to soak in the water before washing if necessary.  For small spills, you can spray the area and blot up the stain.

Acidic water is an effective skin toner that leaves skin softer, smoother and allows moisturizers to penetrate better by removing any soap or cleanser residue

For teeth, brush with alkaline, rinse with acidic.  Alkaline water help lift away food particles and bacteria while brushing.  Acidic water helps kill any remaining bacteria, stops bleeding that some people experience when brushing their teeth and improves the health of gums.

Rinsing your hair with acidic water closes the hair follicle, rinses away any shampoo or conditioner residue and leaves hair softer, shinier and more manageable.

The uses for ionized water are almost endless.  Your water ionizer is more than just a source of excellent quality antioxidant hydrogen water for drinking.  It can reduce the number of chemical cleaners you use in your home, improve the condition of your skin and hair and is a great go-to for minor cuts, scrapes, burns and insect bites.

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