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Good value for a 7-plate water ionizer with 250 watts of power

Available cleaning cartridge to maintain long-term performance

Better than average warranty

Dual filtration system


Power adjustments for acidic levels tied to adjustments made to alkaline levels - acidic presets cannot be individually adjusted

Adjusting presets in the advanced setting mode can be a little confusing

Getting to the filters and releasing the electrodes can be a little inconvenient.

Bottom Line

Good water ionizer, good buy.  We prefer the Alkalux for full adjustability and easier maintenance and price.

The KYK G2 or "Generation II" is KYK's upgrade of the original 7-plate KYK Genesis water ionizer.  The KYK Gen2 has everything that made the KYK Genesis one of the best selling water ionizers for three years straight and more.

The original 7-plate KYK Genesis operated at a maximum of 150 watts of power with dual filtration and adjustable presets.  It was a great "bang for your buck" water ionizer.  The second generation of the KYK Genesis, called the KYK G2, now operates at a maximum of 250 watts of SMPS power, with an upgraded filtration system, available cleaning cartridge and modern silver/white styling.

What we like about the KYK G2 is the amount of machine you get for the money.  This model offers users 4 alkaline, 4 acidic and one neutral preset for producing ionized water at a variety of pH levels.  With seven electrodes and up to 250 watts of power, it easily produces 9.5pH ionized alkaline water and will go up to an 11.0 pH in many areas.

On the acidic side, results varied based on the area and source water used - as it does with most other water ionizers.  Still, we were able to produce strong acidic water at a 2.5 to 3.0 pH in many areas.  Producing "beauty water" at the 4.0 - 4.5 pH level seemed to be possible using even the hardest source water available.  It's important to remember that even the most powerful water ionizers will have trouble producing the strongest acidic levels in hard water areas because of the high alkaline mineral content of the water.  Overall, we were pleased with the KYK G2's performance when it came to producing acidic water for various personal and household uses.

The filtration system is one of the largest dual filtration systems we've seen in this price range (Alkalux winning out by a slight margin).  Both internal filters are multi-stage with layers of filtration designed to remove chlorine and other common contaminants.  Silver impregnated carbon layers are used in both filters for elimination of harmful microbials and the upgraded filters used in the KYK G2 no longer contain sulfites.

Filter life is measured by electrodes that connect a chip in the filter to the G2's computerized control system.  On the plus side, this provides accurate measurement of filter life.  On the downside - we found the electrodes difficult to remove when we were trying out the cleaning cartridge.  You may want to have a pair of needle-nose pliers on hand to hold the tab down on the electrode so that you can release it from the filter.

The filter doors were a little tricky too.  They fit snugly and securely - which is a plus - but getting them to release and then getting them fit back in place wasn't fast and easy the first time.  It added a little extra time to the process but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker if you're considering this model for your home.

We always like it when a water ionizer has a cleaning cartridge available and this is the case with the KYK G2.  The cleaning cartridge was easy to use and operates like most other cleaning cartridges we've tried with other units.  It's a simple process you can do when you get ready to change filters or in between filter changes depending on your source water.

One of the most impressive features of the KYK G2 is the number of adjustments that can be made to enhance the unit's performance.  Not only can the power settings for each of the alkaline presets be customized, but we found that there was a setting for the alkalinity of the source water.  The advanced settings mode wasn't as user-friendly as what we found on other models but most users should have no problems making these adjustments without having to call the company for technical support.

The KYK G2 is an overall good buy.  For the price you get plenty of power, seven slotted mesh plates enhance electrical conductivity for ionization, full adjustability within the alkaline presets and plenty of presets to customize for producing multiple levels of alkaline and acidic water.

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Specification Detail
Number of Plates 7
Plate Design Slotted Mesh
Wattage 250
Power System SMPS
Presets 4 alkaline, 4 acidic, 1 neutral
Filtration System Dual internal filtration system
Cleaning Cartridge Available
Advanced Features Automated control system with diagnosis display on control panel; dual filtration, fully adjustable alkaline presets, available adjustment for source water and cleaning cycle
Warranty 7 years covering both parts and labor
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