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Great value for a 7-plate water ionizer

Easy to use

Fully adjustable presets

Cleaning cartridge available for easy maintenance


Size - unit is slim but tall to accommodate the large internal filtration system

Placement to the right of your sink may require purchasing an extended dispenser hose

Producing strong acidic water may be difficult in areas with hard water


Bottom Line

If you're looking for a good buy under $2,000 you can probably stop right here.  The Alkalux has it all.  7 large plates, 185 watts of SMPS power, safety features, ease of use, better than average industry warranty.  Definitely worth the price.

The Alkalux was the most impressive unit we found in its price range.  For $1,695 you get a 7-plate water ionizer with up to 185 watts of SMPS power backed by a 7-year warranty covering both parts and labor.

Every preset is adjustable so users can customize the three alkaline and two acidic presets based on the mineral content of their source water.  The control panel features the same "one-touch operation" found on more expensive models and you have the option to plumb the unit directly to the cold water line, freeing your faucet.

Customizing the presets for optimal performance with your source water is easy using the guided advanced settings mode.  Both daily operation and working making adjustments in the advanced settings mode are guided by both voice and visual alerts.  The screen changes color based on your selection and your selections are confirmed by voice alerts.

Important safety features include an automated timed shut off if the unit is left running for over 15 minutes, audio alerts when you are producing water at a level that is not recommended for drinking and changes in screen color which indicate whether you are producing alkaline, acidic or neutral water.

Another feature only found in more expensive water ionizers is Alkalux's large dual filtration system.  The first filter removes common contaminants like chlorine, volatile organic compounds, detergents and agrichemicals found in many source waters.  The second filter features three separate layers of ceramics which address common bacteria and precondition the water for ionization.

With 7 large hybrid-mesh plates and up to 185 watts of power the Alkalux performed well in most source waters we tested.  We had no problems producing antioxidant alkaline water at the 9.5 pH level.  Depending on the source water used we were able to get pH readings of 10.5 to 11.0 with most source waters.  These higher levels are sufficient for soaking produce to remove dirt and produce, removing stains from carpet, clothing or fabric or other household clean-ups.

The large dual filtration system and 7 large plates make this a large unit.  Although slim in design - about 4 1/2 inches front to back - the unit is tall to accommodate the large filters and electrolysis chamber.  You'll need just over 16 inches in height to clear the point where the dispenser hose attaches to the unit.  If you plan to place the unit to the right of your sink you'll want to order an extended dispenser hose to reach over the unit and into the sink.  All in all, the height and paying a little extra for an extended dispenser hose is a more than acceptable trade off for the performance and advanced features you get with this water ionizer.

Another feature not found with any other water ionizer in this price range is a choice of color.  The Alkalux comes in either black with silver control panel inset or silver with black control panel inset.  Both versions are attractive and the slim design leaves you with plenty of counter work space in front of the unit.

Cleaning cartridges are available for the Alkalux to maintain the unit's long term optimal performance.  This model ships with standard .1 micron filtration but you can order .01 micron replacement filters for this model.

If you're looking for a good buy under $2,000 you can probably stop right here.  The Alkalux has it all.  7 large plates, 185 watts of SMPS power, safety features, ease of use, better than average industry warranty.  Definitely worth the price.

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Specification Detail
Number of Plates 7
Plate Design Hybrid-mesh
Wattage 185
Power System SMPS
Presets 3 alkaline, 2 acidic, 1 neutral
Filtration System Large dual internal filtration system. .1 micron filtration standard with .01 micron replacement filters available
Cleaning Cartridge Available
Advanced Features Fully adjustable alkaline and acidic presets; timed automatic shutoff to prevent overflow, advanced computerized control system featuring one-touch operation
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