Countertop Units are Convenient

Counter Top Water Ionizer

Countertop styles have come a long way!
The aesthetics of this ionizer genre have come a long way from the 1970’s…well, this is the case for most ionizer companies. As you will notice, some ionizer companies have not upgraded the style of their units to fit modern kitchen styles, so you should consider that aspect if kitchen aesthetics are important for you.

Most of the ionizer companies have incorporated pleasing colors such as silver, white and black, Stylish stainless steel is also an option, but it is certainly a rare find.

Benefits of Countertop Units

  • No commitment can be easily moved from one location to another, which is especially important for those with vacation homes or who are planning to move.
  • Filters are easily accessible for changing.
  • Long water dispenser reaches far for versatility.
  • Great conversion starter to help your friends drink healthy water too. The feature is great for creating interest for those who sell water ionizers.

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