11 Plates- The King of The Kitchen

Superior is the most suitable word in regards to 11 plate water ionizers. The 11 plate water ionizers are in a class of their own. For those that want the very best alkaline water ionizer with the greatest alkaline water benefits, an 11 plate water ionizer is the only way to go.

Keep in mind, just having 9 plates is not enough. Remember, as with any water ionizer, you want plates which are at least 7 inches in length. As it stands, there are only two units on the market with 7-inch plate…the Enagic and the Tyent. While Enagic only has 7 plates, Tyent has 9 plates with the adequate length as discussed.

Selecting a 9 plate unit can be challenging because not all 9 plate units are created equally. If you intend to invest in a 9 plate unit consider the following:

  • Highest quality SMPS Plus (This is the 7th Generation SMPS)
  • Minimum of 350 watts of power
  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor (look for a warranty with no fine print)
  • Large mesh/solid hybrid plates (state of the art plate design like Permelec)
  • Dual filtration-look for brands who offer advanced filtration (sometimes referred to as ultra filtration or ultra filters)


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